Storage container 6´

The smallest storage container is suitable for storage small sized goods, gardenting and other tools and other small material. 6´container is only one not equipped with pockets for a forklift, the eyes for the crane are used for handling. This storage container is not certified as an ISO freight or shipping container.

External dimension:

D/Š/V 1800 x 1750 x 1900 mm


welded steel profile frame,  sectional bars (thickness 3-4 mm)

Walls, roof,
exterior covering :

trapezial sheet metal (thickness 1,3 mm -1,5 mm)


wooden boards 25mm or corrugated steel sheet 3 + 1mm or 21 mm plywood


Container corners:

4 mm welded steel metal plates


double wing door, with closing rods (2x), rubber seal around the door

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