For containers, you can come by our own transport to our warehouse in Hradec Králové or we will arrange transport for you up to the place of unloading. You can inquire about the price of transport to the place you require without obligation.

We transport containers on trucks.

In the place of destination is necessary to assure: 
•    The crane or, if the container is equipped with forklift rails, the forklift 
•    suitable conditions for arrival at the place of unloading, sufficient handling space for transport, unloading and possible assembly
•    the contact person who will take over the container
•    prepared basics, preparedness of area - deviation +/- 10 mm
•    if necessary, connection to electrical installations, water and sewerage.

If the place is difficult to access, it is necessary to inform us of this fact in order to provide the carrier with a suitable type of transport, such as a car with a hydraulic arm, or smaller vehicles etc.

We can also calculate the specific price of transport to the destination of your container at phone: 733 111 000 or 731 512 447.

If the container has a width of more than 2700 mm, the carrier must already have a permit for oversized transport and thus the price will be increased by the fee for this permit.

If the container is larger than LxWxH 6058 x 2438 x 2800 mm, enter the required dimensions and destination, and we will prepare a price offer for this transport.


RENT - Transport containers to you


For containers for rent, we always provide transport to you at a pre-agreed price. You can inquire about the price of transport to the place you require without obligation.

For our regular customers or in exceptional cases, it is possible to individually agree on your own transport.

When renting, we always calculate the price of transport back to our warehouse.

In the case of shorter distances (Hradec Králové and its surroundings), we recommend using a car with a hydraulic arm, where the price of transport also includes unloading the container. For longer distances, it pays to order a truck without HR from us and secure a crane at the unloading point.

Demand transport



If you do not have the opportunity to invest your funds at once, it is possible to buy containers through leasing from a leasing company, or arranging a loan through a financial company.

A mortgage can also be used for residential buildings.

In individual we can also offer you a rental with subsequent purchase. We offer this only for individual containers and for a maximum of one year.

Upon request, we will arrange insurance for you. Among other things, damage caused by natural elements, vandalism, robbery or the theft of the container itself can be insured.

Container assembly


Containers are assembled from 2 or more containers connected into one room or through object. If the customer wishes, it is possible to connect only with the connecting screws and the individual containers in the assemblies (most often done when installing the containers in the floor). A contact person  by the customer must be present when handing over the containers.

The price for assembly is calculated individually according to the place of assembly and the number or types of containers.


The customer is obliged to ensure:

•    building permit or consent to the execution of the announced construction
•    paved access road for the transport of containers, assembly material and assemblers
•    easy access of AB-Cont employees or their contractual partners to the installation site 
•    basics - surface readiness according to the AB-Cont description for container placement 
•    crane with appropriate load capacity 
•    power supply 400 / 230V / 32A to the installation site 
•    sanitary equipment for our installers during installation 
•    container for construction waste and disposal of this waste 
•    securing the construction site during installation 


The assembly does not include:

•    Connection to water supply and sewerage
•    Connection of containers to electricity distribution, electrical connection inspection and earthing of containers
•    Building foundations
•    Crane for assembly

For more information, see Conditions for installation, use and maintenance of AB-Cont s.r.o.

In the event of non-fulfillment or incorrect execution of any of these obligations of the customer, we are entitled to refuse the assembly of containers until this fact is corrected.

Service and services


In addition to warranty service, which you can extend for an additional fee, we also provide post-warranty service, where we offer, for example:

•    Interior and exterior cleaning
•    Replacement of damaged inner boards or floor repair, PVC replacement
•    Replacing a broken window, damaged door or lock
•    Additional installation of windows, doors, bars, ..
•    Modification of electrical installation and subsequent electrical inspection
•    Increase space by connecting additional containers in a larger assembly
•    Replacement of damaged outer plates
•    Repainting in another color - as desired
•    Sticking or spraying a logo or advertisement
•    Mounting the attic or roof
•    Complete overhaul
•    Ensuring transport, loading and unloading in case of relocation of containers
•    Ensuring assembly or disassembly
•    Addressing other customer requirements and needs


In addition, AB-CONT offers its customers a lot of services such as:


•    Individual appearance - eg gable roof, flat roofing, classic plaster, wood paneling, decorative sheets, various exterior and interior cladding boards, plasterboard, etc.
•    Interior equipment - according to the specific use, we will offer equipment according to your wishes, as well as various design sanitary equipment
•    Other equipment such as photocells, non-contact water batteries, safety lighting of escape routes and exits, fire extinguishers, air conditioning, etc.
•    We will advise on the preparation of the basics
•    We will advise you on the most suitable type of container for your needs
•    We will help or advise you in processing the building permit or construction notification
•    We will help secure financing or appropriate insurance

If you have any other request that you need help from us, write to us at

Containers for sale


How much is the container?

Container prices vary by size, type, equipment and other circumstances.

Ask us and we will be happy to prepare a price offer for you. If it is a container that you can find on our website, we will tell you the approximate price by phone.


Is transport and unloading also included in the price of the container?

It's not. But we will offer you the price of transport to the desired place, if you enter the destination in demand. We are also able to offer unloading by hydraulic arm, but for longer distances, you will find it better if you secure a crane at the unloading point.




Is it possible to unload the containers with a forklift?

Yes, but only if the container is equipped with VZV pockets. Always consult us about the dimensions and spacing of VZV pockets, they can be different. Most storage containers have these pockets for VZV, but we supply them for residential and sanitary containers, only at the customer's request and at an additional cost.



Will you make the container in another size?

Yes. We also produce custom containers with dimensions on request. The maximum size of a residential or storage container manufactured to order is L / W / H 9000 x3000 x3180mm


Custom container production


Is assembly included in the price of the container?

Installation is not performed for separately delivered containers. If there are two or more containers connected into one unit, then if we know the place of assembly, we will give you a price offer. Among other things, a suitable base must be prepared at the installation site. You can also arrange your own assembly, in this case, but we do not guarantee any leaks and leaks into the containers.




Conditions for installation, use and maintenance of AB-Cont s.r.o.


How many containers can be stacked?

When empty, you can store up to 3 storage or office containers on top of each other. For sets with 2 or 3 floors, the corner posts must be reinforced. If you order a container and you know that you will want to build another on it in time, enter it into the requirements and it will be made with



Do there have to be building and other permits for containers?

Yes. In most cases, container installation is subject to permission. Whether a building permit is sufficient or a building permit is required depends on the size and purpose of the container. If necessary, project documentation for the building permit will also be required. In any case, it is necessary to contact the relevant state administration bodies, such as the building authority, the municipal authority, the city council, etc., regarding your intended construction project.


Who will prepare the project documentation?

We do not offer the services of a design office and we do not process projects for construction management or construction announcements. We will provide you with all the necessary cooperation and the necessary documents for the smooth processing of the project. Thanks to the project, all other special hygienic, fire or other requirements for the specific purpose of the construction are subsequently known. Our containers are without fire resistance as standard, but if the requirements of the designer for a fire safety solution (hereinafter Fire safety report) are set, it is not a problem to adjust the fire resistance of the containers according to this Fire safety report. We do not have a certificate for the fire resistance of the cell / container as a whole, but we prove it with certificates of individual materials used in production. An integral part of the new products is the declaration of conformity, which confirms that the product meets the requirements of technical regulations in force in the Czech Republic and that the established conformity assessment procedure has been followed. Only on the basis of the project will we prepare a final offer for you. Until then, we are only able to set a guide price based on your requirements.


Do you also supply air conditioning to containers?

Yes, and we definitely recommend it both in the summer months and in the winter, when you can heat more economically in specific cases.


What is the maximum insulation thickness in the container?

We can put a maximum insulation thickness of 220 mm in the building cells, both in the wall and in the ceiling and floor.


When I know I will only need a container for a short time?

We can offer you a container for rent, or use a repurchase.


Purchase of containers



How to underlay a container?

The containers are placed on a horizontal concrete base. E.g. concrete feet, strips or other reinforced subsoil. The container needs to be supported around the perimeter of the container at 4-10 points (depending on the size of the container). It is necessary to keep a certain distance between the bottom of the container and the ground and thus create a ventilated space.


See. Conditions for installation, use and maintenance of AB-Cont s.r.o.


In what colors can I buy a container?

You can choose a shade from the RAL swatch, some shades of color are at extra cost.


How much does the container weigh?

Weights of cells and containers vary according to size.

Building unit approx. 1,300 - 2,900 kg

Sanitary containers approx. 450 - 3,400 kg

Storage containers approx. 455 - 1,500 kg S

hipping containers approx. 1,900 - 4,900 kg



Can I use sanitary containers immediately?

Yes. Once connected to the water and waste supply, which you must obtain from a specialist company, you can use the containers immediately. All internal wiring and components are assembled and fully equipped at the factory. They are transported completely assembled and can be put into operation immediately. Sanitary units can also be connected to a water tank or fecal tank. By default, the connection is on the wall of the container (which needs to be additionally insulated), but on request we also make the floor.




Rental containers

Does the rented container have to be cleaned before returning?

You do not need to if it is dirty normal. Final cleaning is included in the ancillary costs in the rental price. If the container is excessively dirty, eg there are mud deposits or oil stains, etc. on the floors, then yes. Otherwise, we must charge you for this excessive pollution or damage.


Do I have to insure the rental container?

You should, because the tenant is liable for all damages, including damage to the container by burglary, vandalism, elements, etc. We are forced to charge you for subsequent repairs. If you insure the container, you will claim these costs from the insurance company. You must also immediately report any damage to the containers to us and send you photo documentation of the damage.


How long will it take to deliver the rental container to me?

It always depends on the current state of the warehouse and the capabilities of our carriers. It is also necessary to have a signed contract and paid the initial invoice before the container is removed.




In what colors will I receive a rental container?

In most cases, you will receive a container in our company orange color, provided with the logo of our company. If you require your company colors on the container, it is possible to repaint. However, restoring the containers to their original condition is always charged.


What is the basic equipment of rental containers?

The storage container has walls and ceiling made of trapezoidal sheet metal, wooden floor or corrugated sheet metal. Storage containers are not insulated and have no electrical installation, so they are not heated either.


Living containers basically have one larger window (or two smaller windows) usually located on the short side. Under the windows there is 2kW heating. On the other short side is the exterior front door. Containers are equipped with wiring (fluorescent lamps, sockets, switch).


Sanitary containers are also equipped with entrance doors, smaller windows, heating, wiring and sanitary equipment according to the type of container (toilet cubicles, showers, urinals, washbasins, etc.) you will find more.


Container assemblies are assembled from standard types of containers, according to the customer's needs.


Container and cell rental, Building and living cells, storage containers, sale, production, rental, used containers - AB-Cont s.r.o. (


Do you also rent furniture and other equipment for rental containers?

Yes, we offer various furniture and accessories as well as air conditioning. Write your requirements in the request.




Is it necessary to apply for a lease extension than agreed?

No. The lease term is automatically extended until you terminate the lease.


Will the price I paid for the rent be deducted from the purchase price of the container?

No. You pay the value of the container that the specified container has for us at the moment, regardless of the length of the lease.


We will be happy to welcome you for a personal inspection of the containers.