Storage containers

We offer storage rental containers in two sizes. 10´ and 20´. If you need more space, we can also rent a 40´ shipping container. The containers are equipped with crane eyes and forklift pockets as standard. The entrance is equipped with a double-leaf door with a rubber seal across its entire width.

They are mainly used for storage of various materials and goods, garden and other tools, construction, assembly, handling and other equipment. These are not shipping containers. You will find shipping containers in our offer for sale. We can also rent a shipping container on request.

On request, it is possible to produce and rent atypical dimensions, equip with wiring, racks, drip tray in the floor, galvanized grate, insulation, etc., but only if it is a longer lease.

Storage container 20´

Storage container 20´

The 20´ storage container is the most frequently used container, mainly also because its dimensions are according to ISO standards and therefore compatible with all containers of these standards supplied in the world.