Modular buildings


Modular buildings offer a variety of uses. Abroad and also in our country very popular, for example for housing, such as cafes, restaurants, facilities for your company, rental shops, shops, exhibition stands, or buildings such as kindergartens, schools, municipal for homes, etc. Thanks to many years of experience, production and assembly are very fast and in high quality. Thanks to the exterior cladding made of wood, various tiles, or facades and roofing, these buildings are indistinguishable from wooden and brick buildings. However, the quality and properties are comparable.


We will come to assemble these buildings in a very short time and you can therefore move. The individual modules are almost finished in the production plant and are brought to the construction site with doors, windows or various accessories. Advantage of modular prefabricated buildings are not only an advantage of immediate living or use, but they are also cheaper than brick buildings, and you can move this building to another location over time.


However, just like classic constructions, container constructions are subject to either a notice or a classic construction procedure if you do not fit within 25 m2. Even so, it is always only with the local building authority whether the purpose of use or location of the building is not subject to the exception.