Demountable storage containers/BLUE

Outer dimensions:

2250-6000 x 2200 x2200 mm (transport heigh - in transport position - 380mm)


supportive profiles are made out of galvanized steel sheets 2,0 mm thick

Walls, roof - outer ceiling:

trapezoidal galvanized sheet thickness 0,55 m. Roof load capacity 100 kg/m2  (wet snow layer 20 cm)


wooden planks 35mm, load capacity of the floor 500 kg/ m2

Container corners:

corner brackets with holes in blue color RAL 5015 for hanging on a crane


double-wing door, lever lock with pulls, handle, lock, without door stop, holes for the bolt removed in the front profiles


according to the customer's requirements, it is possible to equip shelves, roof reinforcement, windows, doors, elevator skids, etc