ATYPICAL storage container

On request, we can produce a storage container of non-standard dimensions and equipment. Containers can be equipped with a drip tray, drip tray, abrol hook, wiring, heating, air conditioning, racks, hooks, insulate, etc.


External dimension:

according customers request


welded steel profile frame,  sectional bars (thickness 3-4 mm)

Walls, roof,
exterior covering :

trapezial sheet metal (thickness 1,3 mm -1,5 mm)


Wooden boards 25mm or corrugated steel sheet 3 + 1mm or 21 mm plywood


Container corners:

 4 mm welded steel metal plates


double wing door, with closing rods (2x), rubber seal around the door; possibility of a door along the entire length of the container



according to customer requirements can be equipped with shelves, hooks, wiring, abrol hook, windows, doors, insulate, equipped with furniture such as desks, cabinets, and more