Toilet cabin TK4

The toilet cabin for men and women, where toilets are separated from washbasins and urinals, serves as toilets, for example at concerts, exhibitions, sports matches, in campsites, car parks, buildings, etc.


Outside dimension: L/W/H 3000 x 2435 x 2590 mm
Insulation: standard
Electrical installation: Accoridng to the drawing
Inner ceiling: White decor
Basic equipement:

2 x outside steel door 875 x 2000 mm

2 x sanitary window 600 x 450 mm

1 x partition

1 x urinal

2 x ceramic basin

2 x water heater

2 x mirror

2 x clothes hanger

2 x toilet cabin with WC and inner door

2 x toilet papar holder

(2 x heating – for extra charge