Sanitary unit - SB2

Sanitary unit with WC, urinal and shower is suitable as a social background for a cottage, swimming pool, construction site, campground, etc.


Outside dimensions: L/W/H 3000 x 2435 x 2590 mm
Insulation: standard
Electrical installation: According to the drawing
Inner lining: White decor
Basic equpment:

1 x outside steel door 875 x 2000 mm

2 x sanitary window 600 x 450 mm

1 x shower cabin

1 x ellectrical boiler 80 l

1 x toilet cabin with WC and inner door

1 x toilet paper holder

2 x ceramic basin

2 x mirror

1 x clothes hanger

1 x urinal

(1 x 1 kW heating – for extra charge)