Folding and lightweight building cell

The collapsible and lightweight residential container is a cheaper variant of standard residential containers. This type of container has the advantage of being able to relocate the wall panels later, or by removing the longitudinal wall you can easily create double the space. Their use is also very wide, they are used as offices, warehouses, locker rooms, shops, etc. We do not sell this container as new, but slightly worn and assembled.


Outside dimenstions: L/W/H 5900 x 2400 x 2450 mm
Basic equipment:

2 x window – double wing  1 part openable, 1 part fixed

1 x 860 x 1940 outside door  inner dimension

weight 900-1100 kg

inslulation - 40 mm

sandwich panels - RAL 9002

colour RAL 9002 bílá

Vinyl floor PVC 2-3 mm

1x LED lighting,  2x socket , 1x switch

power box with circuit breaker FI

Electrical connection 32 A

handling eyes for crane unloading

Galvanized construction

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