Assemble units – 3B

This set of three containers is divided into two rooms. It is suitable for use as offices, changing rooms, storage facilities, grocery stores, building materials and more. or buildings for temporary or permanent use and many more. On request, we can produce non-standard dimensions, equip with air conditioning, furniture, the possibility of installing various windows and doors or add roofs, sheds, attics, outdoor and indoor stairs, exterior cladding or plastering.



Outside dimensions:

L/W/H 8505 x 6058 x 2590 mm

L/W/H 8505 x 4885 x 2590 mm

Insulation: standard
Electrical installation: According to the drawing
Inner lining: White decor
Basic equipment:

1 x outside steel door 875 x 2000 mm

3 x plastic window 1768 x 1330 mm with blind

2 x connecting material

1 x inner door

(3 x 2 KW heating – for extra charge)