TP panel system

The most used 6m long container in the panel system variant has the advantage mainly in the possibility of later simple switching of wall panels with windows, doors or separate walls, by eventually removing the longitudinal wall you can easily create double the space. Its dimensions are according to ISO standards and are therefore compatible with all containers of these standards supplied in the world. Their use is also very wide: outside offices, hostels and changing rooms, they can be used as warehouses, shops, etc. By connecting several containers together without internal walls, sets are created that are used as large interconnected and through offices, hostels and recently often required schools, kindergartens, canteens, restaurants, office buildings, etc.


Outside dimensions: D/Š/V 6058 x 2438 x 2600 or 2800 mm
Basic equipment:

1 x outside door

2 x plastic window 900 x 1200 mm with blind

Windows in short side of container, in long side is for additional charge

Inner decor in wood colour or in white colour

1 x heating

electrical installation