Demountable storage containers 4m

They are lightweight and in places where the classic container cannot get.  Easy installation and transport.


External dimension:

4000 x 2200 x2200 mm (transport high  - in disassembled condition 380mm)



Supportive profiles are made out of galvanized steel sheets 2,0 mm thick


Walls, roof,
exterior covering:

Container is made out of galvanized steel sheets 0,75 mm thick.



wooden planks 35 mm thick (system tongue groove).

Container corners:

to hang it on a crane has each corner angle of the container crane hug.


Container has double-wing door (in front and side wall) with handle, lock and stoopers.



Lot of different accessories and special equipment can be installed in container as shown in following gallery. Suitable accessories can be bought with container.

Photo gallery