Container Assembly

Containers are assembled into modular buildings, i.e. 2 or more containers combined into one room or a walk-through building. Upon a customer’s request, individual containers in modular buildings can be connected with fixing bolts (most often when installing containers on top of each other). A contact person specified by the customer must be present during the handing over of containers.

The price for the assembly is calculated individually according to the site of assembly and the number or types of containers.

The customer is obliged to provide:

  • A building permit, or an approval of the announced construction
  • A paved driveway for the transport of containers, assembly material and assembly technicians
  • A trouble-free access of AB-Cont workers, or possibly of their contractual partners, to the site of the assembly
  • Foundations – the area must be prepared according to the description provided by the AB-Cont for the installation of containers
  • A crane with adequate load-bearing capacity
  • An electrical connection 400/230V/32A at the place of the assembly
  • Sanitary facilities for our assembly workers for the duration of the assembly work
  • A container for construction waste and disposal of this waste
  • A guard of the construction site for the duration of the assembly work

For more details see Customer Obligations

The assembly does not include:

  • Connection to the water mains and sewerage
  • Connection of electricity, electricity inspections, and grounding of containers
  • Construction of foundations
  • A crane for the assembly
  • For other points see above “The customer is obliged to provide"

  In the case of a non-compliance with or improper implementation of some of these customer obligations, we are entitled to refuse to perform the assembly of containers until this failure is remedied.