Rental of containers

The sale of containers includes the bestselling living and sanitary units, WC cabins and modular buildings. It also includes storage, special and technological containers, as well as hook Abroll and Avia containers and chain skips which are used for the handling, storage and transport of industrial and municipal waste. In places which are inaccessible by cranes we recommend the use of mobile units on a chassis thanks to their mobility. The containers can be used as gatehouses, storage facilities, offices, locker rooms, workshops, facilities for construction sites, canteens, accommodation facilities, sales and exhibition stalls, cashier offices, administrative buildings, hostels, hotels, motels, changing rooms including bathrooms and toilets, grocery shops, building supply stores, etc. They are also used as restaurants, schools, kindergartens, kiosks, retail establishments, control centres, information centres, public sanitary facilities, workplaces of the state technical inspection, extensions to buildings or buildings for temporary or permanent residence, etc.