Obytná buňka – AB6 with an entry hall

A six-metre long container is the most widely used. The version with the entry hall is more comfortable, especially in winter, when the main entrance is separated from the living room, and thus moisture is prevented from entering the residential part and heat is prevented from escaping. Its dimensions meet the ISO standards and are therefore compatible with all containers supplied all over the world according to these standards. Their use is also very wide: apart from offices, accommodation facilities and changing rooms, they can be used as warehouses, shops etc. By joining more containers together without internal walls you can form modular buildings which are used as large, interconnected and walk-through offices, accommodation facilities, and schools, nurseries, canteens, restaurants and cheap family houses which are in frequent demand at present.

Technické informace

Exterior dimensions: L/W/H 6058 x 2438 x 2600 mm
Insulation: standard
Electrical installation: complete electrical installation
Interior covering: white or wooden
Basic equipment: 1 x exterior, steel door 875 x 2000 mm
1 x plastic window with blind 1800 x 1200 mm
1 x small entry hall with interior door
(1 x 2 KW heating – for extra charge)