Double Unit -DB

By connecting two containers without side walls a small container assembly is made. The units can be connected next to each other, behind each other and also above each other. The assemblies can be used as offices, changing rooms, storage facilities, grocery shops, building supply stores, etc. They are also used as canteens, kiosks, retail and exhibition stands, retail establishments, workshops, facilities for construction sites, gatehouses, control centres, information centres, extensions to buildings, or buildings for temporary or permanent accommodation, etc. We are able to meet even non-standard customer needs and upon request we can produce non-standard dimensions or shapes of units, we can equip them with tailor-made furniture, technological facilities, various types and sizes of windows and doors, roofs, awnings, attics, outdoor and indoor stairs, outdoor panelling or cover them with plaster.

Technické informace

Venkovní rozměry: D/Š/V 6058 x 4876 x 2600 mm
Izolace: standard
Elektroinstalace: komplet. elektroinstalace
Vnitřní obložení: bílý nebo dřevěný dekor
Základní vybavení: 1 x venkovní, ocelové dveře 875 x 2000 mm
2 x plastové okno 1800 x 1200 mm s roletami
1 x spojovací materiál
(2 x 2 KW topení – za příplatek)