Shipping container 20´ one way

This shipping 20´container referred to as the one way is a new container that has been used once by ship and may therefore show slight signs of slight damage. These containers have valid CSC labels and are also certified for transport. These containers have a much more robust construction and are stackable several times (up to approx. 16 floors) and it is also possible to handle the loaded goods up to the ones listed on the container. These capacities vary from container to container, but are similar. Load capacity 21800-28000kg. Weight 2200-2500kg. Possibility of opening a long 6m wall.



External dimension:

6055 x 2435 x 2591 mm



robust steel construction ensuring maximum load and strength

on ships at sea, containers are stored up to sixteen floors


Walls, roof,
exterior covering :

trapezial sheet metal (thickness 1,3 mm -1,5 mm)


Wooden plywood floor 3,5 - 4,5 cm thick


Container corners:

According ISO norms


Double wing door, with closing rods (3 – 4x) , rubber seal around the door