Skladový kontejner – 3 m šířka

The advantage of the 6 x 3 m storage container is its width of 3 metres, thanks to which you can use it for storing larger goods and materials, or with light adjustments for parking a car, for storing gardening and other tools, construction, assembly, handling and other technical equipment. It is also possible to use it for installing various technological equipment inside it. It is equipped with pockets for a forklift, and it also has loops for handling by a crane. A 13", 8" or 6" container, or 13" + 8" (or 6") or 2 x (8" + 6") containers at the same time, can be placed in this container, which makes it possible to save on the transport costs.

Technické informace

Exterior dimensions: L/W/H 6058 x 3000 x 2591 mm
Construction: welded steel profile frame, sectional bars
(thickness 3-4 mm)
Walls, roof,
exterior covering
trapezial sheet metal (thickness 1,3 mm -1,5 mm)
Floor: sheet steel floor, slip-resistant (tear-shape projection) (thickness 3+1mm) other option:plywood 18 mm
Container corners: welded steel metal plates - 4 mm
(cast corners possible, extra charge needed)
Gate: two-wing gate according to ISO Norm
protection by two closing rods (2x),
rubber packing all over the perimeter