Obytná buňka – AB 5

The five-metre length of the container allows a wider use, e.g. it can be used as a changing room, a smaller office for two persons, a garden cabin or as accommodation for 1-2 persons. This type is also suitable for welding a hook to be used for lifting on a truck - an ABROL or AVIA type (upon agreement a hook can be welded to every type of a container).

Technické informace

Exterior dimensions: L/W/H 5000 x 2438 x 2600 mm
Insulation: standard
Electrical installation: complete electrical installation
Interior covering: white or wooden
Basic equipment: 1 x exterior, steel door 875 x 2000 mm
1 x plastic window with blind 1800 x 1200 mm
(2 x plastic window with blind 900 x 1200 mm – for extra charge,
1 x 2 KW heating – for extra charge)