Living Units

Rental of living, office and construction units and containers. In addition to the standard size, we offer also atypical sizes according to the requirements of the customer. Our containers can be equipped with additional windows and doors of various sizes, air conditioning, partitions, furniture, etc. They can be used as single units or they can be combined next to each other, behind each other or above each other. Starting with smaller double and triple units it is also possible to make assemblies of up to three-floor buildings of different sizes. The individual containers are used as gatehouses, warehouses, offices, changing rooms, workshops, facilities at construction sites, sales and exhibition stalls, cashier counters at fairs, car parks, concerts and other events, and many other places. We will make a tailor-made price offer for the modular buildings. The range of their use is very wide: it includes administrative buildings, hostels, hotels, motels, offices, changing rooms including sanitary facilities, storage facilities, grocery shops, building supply stores, etc. They are also used as canteens, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, kiosks, sales and exhibition stalls, retail establishments, workshops, facilities for construction sites, gatehouses, control centres, information centres, public sanitary facilities, workplaces of the state technical inspection, extensions to buildings or buildings for temporary or permanent residence, and many others facilities. We are able to meet even non-standard customer needs, and upon request we can produce non-standard dimensions or shapes of units, we will equip the units with tailor-made furniture, technological facilities, various types and sizes of windows and doors, roofs, awnings, attics, outdoor and indoor stairs, outdoor panelling or plastering.