Apart from our standard payment terms, where we require a 50% prepayment at the time of ordering and the balance payment after the delivery (this does not apply to mobile units on a chassis) and where a customer pays mostly by a bank transfer, we also offer you the option, following an agreement, to pay by cash on the spot upon the delivery of goods.

If you are unable to invest your finances at once, it is possible to agree on a sale in instalments directly from the AB-CONT, a leasing from a leasing company, or arrangement of a loan through a finance company.

We can also offer you containers in the form of hire purchase.

In the case of residential buildings it is possible to use a mortgage which we can also arrange for you upon request.

Upon request we will provide you with insurance. You can arrange insurance against damage caused by fire, lightning, gale or hail, a burglary or a theft of the container, as well as against vandalism, including costs caused by graffiti.